Horticultural centre - Masiá Ciscar

Horticultural centre

In Masiá Ciscar SA, we have facilities for the maintenance of our produce distributed in a ​​handling and packaging area that occupies a space of ​​8,500 m2 and a ​​cold room area for packaging and storage of goods that occupies a space of ​​about 1,000 m².

Horticultural centre

The handling of all our produce is done in our Fruit and Vegetable Centre in Lepe. Where we have an area of ​​7000 m2 for the packaging and conditioning of the produce and a cold storage area of ​​1000 m2 for pre-shipment storage of the goods.

The plant is divided into five blocks:

  • Packaging area.
  • Reception area of ​​merchandise.
  • Handling area for stone fruit.
  • Handling area for citrus fruits.
  • Handling area for strawberries.
  • Shipping area.

Packaging area

TThe packaging area is the warehouse where we have all the field containers and from here, they are distributed every day to carry out the harvesting of the fruit from the farms.

Reception area of merchandise

This is the place where all the field fruit arrives. It is located in the north side of the plant and this is where we carry out checking based on quality, traceability and its entry through the corresponding delivery note. From here, we go to the cold area to keep the fruit in suitable conditions prior to its packaging or shipment.

Handling area

This is located in the central area of the Plant and we have divided it into three warehouses. Warehouse for citrus fruit with a daily capacity of 80 MT. Warehouse for stone fruit, with a daily capacity of 30 MT, and warehouse for the handling of strawberries with a daily capacity of 200 MT, and with a totally innovative level of automation and control that allows us to carry out a check of 75% of our sales units.

Shipping area

This is the place where all the packaged fruit at the right temperature conditions leaves for its corresponding destination. It is located in the south side of the plant.