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Fresón isleño

Fresón Isleño S.L. is a company dedicated to the production and marketing of strawberries for consumption in the Canary Islands. This activity was born from the concern for supplying the local Canary market with more freshness in a product such as strawberries, where this quality competes with others, as it is a very perishable product. That is why when we talk about Canary Strawberries or Local Strawberries in the archipelago, this is related to Fresón Isleño S.L.

Fresón Isleño is nourished by the Technical Management of its parent company (Masiá Ciscar S.A.), as well as the plant material that the parent company produces in its nursery installations in the province of Granada.

The varieties of strawberries that we grow in the Canary Islands are varieties adapted to the climatic conditions of the area, but among them, those that give us a great organoleptic quality.

The production area is located in the municipality of Valsequillo de Gran Canaria, where this crop is a model in the driving force of the municipal economy since, among other reasons, it is in this area where the most acceptable conditions for the development of this agricultural activity exist.

Productive process

To understand the productive process developed by Fresón Isleño S.L. in the Islands, you have to understand the philosophy of the company group and its commitment to sustainability in the environment where it operates. How do we do it?

Seeking a balance with the natural environment, promoting cultural practices that promote this balance. (Saving measures in water consumption, saving measures in energy consumption, zero waste objective in our products, etc.).

Looking for a balance with society. Hiring local labour and training our workers.

Seeking the economic balance for the company (optimisation of resources, spending objectives, biweekly review of production costs, etc.).


The planting season starts in October and develops throughout the month. All the plant material comes from our mother company Masiá Ciscar S.A. from its nursery facilities in Granada.

The varieties we grow are varieties of great organoleptic quality. For this, we have a trial field where we evaluate production, brix degrees (sugar) and transport of each variety.

In the end, we favour a new variety that exceeds the quality standards of the varieties that we currently have and always in the hands of our customers who usually visit the test fields and help us in making the decision. For this campaign, we have 11 strawberry varieties in test production in our Valleflor facilities. Once the plant is sown, during the months of November and December, it is forced with plastic or meshes to increase its precocity so as to be able to start harvesting the first strawberries in January.

From January, we start with the fruit harvest. Once the fruit is harvested and classified according to its category in the farms by the harvester, it is transported directly to the warehouse, perfectly coded with the plot number and all the essential data that guarantees the traceability of the product a posteriori.

Once in the warehouse, the merchandise is received with the entry document and goes to the cold chamber to quickly lower the temperature of the fruit below 8 ºC. At these temperatures, we reduce any fungal activity that can be transmitted to the fruit and avoid it as long as the cold chain is not broken, which favours the conditions that cause these fungi to proliferate and reduces the life of the fruit.

Once the fruit has been pre-cooled (2 hours), we pack it and pass it to the finished product chamber where it waits until the transport arrives that will take it to its destination. Our goal is that 90% of the fruit harvested today will be consumed tomorrow.