Goals - Masiá Ciscar


SAT Las Palmeritas bases its work philosophy and prioritises its activities on the fulfilment of two objectives: firstly, the satisfaction of our customers; and, secondly, and not least, the satisfaction of our workers.

Satisfaction of our customers

We aim to satisfy our customers, offering homogeneous produce, full of freshness, and maximum food guarantee.

By homogeneity in produce, we mean produce that is always the same according to the customer. Our produce is characterised by having a homogeneous red from the calyx to the tip of the fruit. Our fruit does not have areas to be ripened with a characteristic white colour. That is why our strawberries are harvested whole for their uniform degree of maturity, while in other varieties not sown in our company, you always have to leave a piece of fruit when it is not fully ripe.

In terms of freshness, we mean that within a maximum period of 24 hours after collection, the produce can be served at the table of our customers. We are able to offer this feature thanks to modern refrigeration facilities that allow us to quickly adjust the temperature of the fruit for transport and maintain it until it reaches its destination.

In terms of maximum food guarantee, we refer to a Zero Waste Produce. That is why the company is committed to its own varieties of great organoleptic value, produced in the province of Huelva, that are not susceptible to disease even if by doing so, some production is sacrificed. n. Some of our varieties are: Chelsea, Palmeritas, Selene, Leyre and Calderon. Besides not being susceptible to diseases, they have been certified by ZERYA since the 2014-2015 campaign. As a novelty in 2019, we added a new certificate in organic production which has meant obtaining an important goal for us.

Satisfaction of our

The second of our objectives and we insist, no less important, is to satisfy our workers, since they are the basis of the good functioning of the company and they are the ones who, in the end, convince our clients with their work that our produce is the best option. For this, we train all the workers within their specific positions and we schedule the work so that once the season is over, they end up satisfied and consider that working in our company is an advantage within the sector.