Nursery - Masiá Ciscar


Masiá Ciscar S.A. has its nursery of fresh strawberry plants located in the Province of Granada, specifically in the region known as Marquesado del Zenete.

This area stands out for being located in a high plateau at the back of the Sierra Nevada at 1,150m altitude where the necessary conditions are achieved to be able to uproot and transplant the plant in the month of October.

Masiá Ciscar SA. has a nursery area of ​​around 60 hectares, of which 30 hectares are cultivated annually and the other 30 hectares are left for fallow purposes in order not to overstress the land and thus prevent the proliferation of nematodes and diseases in the soil.

Since 2008, Masiá Ciscar S.A. has expanded its nursery activities for planting strawberries, from being a multiplier nursery to a multiplier selection nursery of strawberry plants.

This change of title in the nursery allows us to evaluate, select and multiply the best within our own nursery material, giving rise to a highly controlled material that translates into greater crop health and better harvests of plants that finally produce fruit in Huelva.

In addition to the in-house plant production completely controlled by Masiá Ciscar in Granada, we also have important agreements with other nurseries, both in Spain (SAT Viveplant) and in Poland (Vimuska, Salvi, Mazzoni).