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Prevention of occupational hazards

It is a firm commitment of our business group to integrate prevention into our organisational structure and to achieve this goal, we must continue to generate a preventive culture.

In November 2016, we set up the Joint Prevention Service SAT PALMERITAS Group, as a preventive organisation model for our business group because in this whole process, it is necessary to improve our prevention management system. Our basic principle is “the best productivity is achieved with the greatest security”.
In recent years, we have managed to significantly reduce the number of accidents at work, but we are convinced that all accidents, incidents and occupational diseases can and should be avoided, and that is why we are committed to improving our level of health and safety at work and continue to improve our loss ratio.

Our workers are our most important asset, so we have established a preventive policy that goes towards an integrated and participatory prevention model.

It is the workers who know in greatest depth the details of the tasks they perform, and therefore, they are the most suitable to provide ideas on the safest way to carry them out. Details of the tasks they perform, and therefore are the most suitable to provide ideas on the safest way to carry them out.

To help us improve, we appreciate the participation of all our workers and it would be of great help if they would communicate any issues related to the prevention of risks at work, to ..

Health and safety is everybody’s job.
Your participation is essential!

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