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R & D

At Masiá Ciscar, we focus on research, development and innovation. Our goal is to provide the consumer with a top-quality product that meets their tastes and needs.

We are up to date in what is required in an increasingly demanding and globalised market. R&D is a fundamental aspect of our company, as it allows us to better understand the possibilities of the fruits we offer and to make them more competitive.

Along these lines, we work constantly to improve production. Proof of this is our own programme of crops which we have and from where we develop new strawberry varieties in Huelva. We make the difference.


Our brand has carved a name for itself in the sector, becoming a reference of guarantee and excellence. Our collaboration with different projects or varietal programmes focused on obtaining new strawberry varieties in Huelva deserves a special mention. In this way, we are obtaining increasingly better results.

Therefore, it is clear that research and development are two fundamental pillars for Masiá Ciscar. In addition, we study the whole process to know exactly when the optimum moment of maturation occurs and thus achieve a top-quality production.

Research and development of strawberry varieties in Huelva

However, our blind trust in the research of new strawberry varieties in Huelva is closely linked to our responsibility to the environment. That is why throughout the entire process, we take care of everything from the facilities to the materials used for the containers, since we are always governed by the philosophy of zero waste.

We will continue favouring R&D, since we firmly believe that it is the most appropriate method to be prepared in a scenario as changing as the current market.

If you want more information about our innovation work, as well as new varieties of strawberries in Huelva that we have carried out, do not hesitate to contact us.

We have a wide range of varieties. If you are interested in receiving information about them, please contact contact us.