Calderón - Masiá Ciscar


At Masiá Ciscar, we are especially proud of our research work, especially when we offer new strawberry varieties as competitive and healthy as the Calderón.

In the case of the Calderón variety, please note that it stands out mainly for:

  • Its great juiciness.
  • Its mild flavour, which makes it a delicacy for any palate.
  • It has an elongated shape at the beginning; from the month of February, it acquires a more conical structure.
  • Its red wine colour gives it an attractive appearance, which is reinforced by achenes sunk in proportion.
  • Plant of medium-high vigour.


These qualities have made it become a very well received variety in Europe, with Germany being its main source of demand. Undoubtedly, it is not surprising that a fruit which, already at the beginning of February, can offer special formats, such as the King Size or the boxes of 1kg, has achieved this enormous acceptance and success.

Likewise, a gap is made in the market with an average value of 8.8 brix degrees and 383 average hardness. It thus becomes one of the most pleasant varieties with which to work.

In this sense, we must not forget that this is a rustic variety that multiplies very well and whose most recommended transplant time is between October 11th-20th, approximately.

Evolution of strawberry varieties in Huelva

Huelva has become one of the main strawberry-producing areas in the world. This has been possible thanks not only to the innate qualities of its soils, but also to the firm commitment that the sector has made to innovation, both publicly and privately.

Precisely this road is what we have decided to follow in Masia Ciscar, as reflected in the creation of new strawberry varieties, such as the Calderón, produced and sold through S.A.T Las Palmeritas, which we present here.

If you want more information, contact us. We will be happy to assist you.