Chelsea - Masiá Ciscar


Among the new strawberry varieties that Masiá Ciscar has included in the market is the Chelsea. Like the rest of its own varieties, it is produced and marketed through S.A.T Las Palmeritas.

This new variety of strawberry that we present is a great example of the organoleptic qualities related to the berries that are grown in the grounds of Huelva. The Chelsea is a variety capable of generating fruits with a unique flavour, a smooth texture, a lively colour and a high average juiciness compared to other market alternatives. All this makes it unique and makes it a perfect choice to taste both fresh and in desserts or prepared dishes.

Other qualities to highlight:

  • It has a very characteristic conical heart shape.
  • The dark orange tone predominates and, unlike others, it has sunken achenes.
  • Its soft and pleasant texture makes it look perfect.


However, if there is a feature to review it is that it is a variety capable of maintaining 100% flavour throughout the season. This factor has been fundamental for why the Chelsea variety has been so well received in the markets, especially in the United Kingdom.

On the other hand, please note that this is a plant of medium vigour that does not hide its fruit. The optimum distance between plants is about 25 and 28 cm. With an average value of 9.2 degrees brix and a hardness of 430. Therefore, this is one of the most promising strawberry varieties.

It should be noted that it is a rustic variety that multiplies very well. Its recommended moment of transplant is at the beginning of October.

Innovation, the weapon that guarantees the future of strawberry varieties.

In Masiá Ciscar, we want to promote a promising future within the sector of red fruits. For this, it is essential to have innovation and research. Based on effort and knowledge, our R & D department has developed new varieties, such as the Chelsea, which provide the market and consumers with a guarantee and quality product.

All of our fruit has been cultivated in our lands and under our care, as well as its harvesting. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.