Palmeritas - Masiá Ciscar


Palmeritas is the name of one of the new strawberry varieties that Masiá Ciscar has launched on the market. It is an in-house variety developed in our test fields. Produced and sold through S.A.T Las Palmeritas.

  • The Palmeritas variety is characterised by a somewhat elongated shape at the beginning, but which becomes more conical from February.
  • The taste remains constant throughout the campaign.
  • It has an abundant juiciness.
  • In its appearance, its semi-sunken achenes stand out, and, above all, its bright red brick colour.
  • It has great durability, so it is recommended for battle markets or distant destinations.
  • Nice texture, smooth and healthy appearance.
  • Very resistant to diseases, such as phytoptora or mildew.
  • Palmeritas is a rustic variety that multiplies very well, its best moment of transplant being between October 1st and 20th, approximately.

All these qualities have earned our new variety of strawberry Palmeritas to be very well valued among consumers.


Although, with an average of 8.7 brix degrees and an average hardness value of 428, this is one of the new strawberry varieties in Huelva with the greatest projection as far as planting density is concerned. In addition, it provides high yields per hectare.

In terms of commercial production, its figures range between 950-1200 gr/plant.

So, this is one of the Huelva strawberry varieties with the greatest future prospects.

Constant innovation in Masiá Ciscar strawberry varieties

This company has always opted for innovation, being pioneers in the development of varietal programmes in the area or the Andalusian region. And this is because the emergence of new varieties of strawberry represent an evolution of the sector towards excellence demanded by markets and consumers around the world.

Likewise, in order to ensure that quality is pursued, we have rich and fertile lands for cultivation, such as those we enjoy in the province of Huelva. To this, we must add a group of highly qualified and trained professionals who bring these kinds of ambitious projects to fruition.

We have a wide range of varieties. If you are interested in receiving information about them, please contact us